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Something magical happens when you set foot aboard the wooden decks, gaze up towards the 115′ masts, and imagine what life was like at sea.  As the dock lines are released and the vessel leaves the port, a new world opens.
Help keep Schooner Bill of Rights sailing the seas and inspiring those who sail with her! There are numerous opportunities to assist with preservation and restoration projects currently underway through your generous donations. Deck repair, plank replacement, sail mending, mechanicals, paint, varnish, and the like all require routine and sometimes extensive attention.
We rely greatly on the generosity of our volunteers and donors to keep Bill of Rights in top notch shape! Please consider making a donation TODAY!

Trail Board Replacement

Army Command Sergeant Major Chip Ostenberg has graciously undertaken to hand fabricate and hand carve new trail boards for the bow of the ship. These new boards will be affixed to Bill of Rights during our February 2024 haul out.

Deck Replacement

We are very eager to replace the decks on Schooner Bill of Rights! Your donation makes a huge difference in allowing us to keep the Bill afloat and able to serve others. Please consider making a donation today!