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Sail Your Dreams

Experience a tall ship adventure aboard Schooner Bill of Rights!

Whether you are a landlubber or an old salt, you will enjoy the history and adventure of tall ship sailing aboard our 136′ gaff rigged schooner. Our home port is Chula Vista Harbor, located in the south San Diego bay surrounded by San Diego’s Marine Reserve. Schooner Bill of Rights is an active tall ship creating unique and memorable experiences for all who love the sea.

Our Mission

To benefit the public by offering programs centered around maritime history, culture, science and industry, linking experiential education, science and art in innovative learning platforms for all.

Our History

Bill of Rights History
Keel is Laid

Bill of Rights was dreamed up by Captain Davis as a swift and agile passenger carrying vessel. The keel was laid in 1969 in South Bristol, Maine at the Harvey Gamage Shipyard.

Bill of Rights History
Bill of Rights is Launched

On her maiden voyage in 1971, she was brought to Newport, Rhode Island where she would grace harbor skyline and provide New England with coastal cruising experiences.

Bill of Rights History
Purchased by VisionQuest

In 1987 she was purchased by VisionQuest, a youth-at-risk sail training organization.

Bill of Rights History
Acquired by Los Angeles Maritime Museum

In 1998, she was acquired by the Los Angeles Maritime Museum (LAMI) and was delivered to San Pedro where she home ported.

to Present
Brought to Chula Vista, CA

The vessel was then brought to Chula Vista in 2011 and purchased by the South Bay Front Sailing Association (SBFSA) where she currently calls home.

Our Promise

Schooner Bill of Rights and her crew are available as a community resource and as a classroom for a variety of maritime topics. Learn more about us and how the Bill can serve you today!

Our Events

Schooner Bill of Rights and our crew members and volunteers work with a variety of people and organizations to provide fun and educational experiences. Here are some of our offerings just to name a few: 


Help keep Schooner Bill of Rights sailing the seas and inspiring those who sail with her! There are numerous opportunities to assist with preservation and restoration projects currently underway through your generous donations. Deck repair, plank replacement, sail mending, mechanicals, and the like all require routine and sometimes extensive work.

We rely greatly on the generosity of our volunteers and donors to keep Bill of Rights in top notch shape! Please consider making a donation TODAY!

Donate & Support

Schooner Bill of Rights is owned and operated by South Bayfront Sailing Association as a fully inspected commercial vessel.  Learn more about our Education programs.  Donate to and Support our mission today!

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